Lockdown Literature

As Lockdown took hold in Dubai and work slowed, our placement student Eva from Nottingham Trent University decided to enter a piece in a literature competition. The competition was aimed at Architects and Students and entitled 'Poems of a Modern-Day Architect'. Eva gained an 'Honourable Mention', and as anyone from Yorkshire should be, she was 'Chuffed To Bits' with this result.

Here's Eva's story below:

                                   Interning In Dubai

Growing up in Dubai, a city bursting with architectural innovation, I witnessed the birth, creation and growth of numerous intriguing buildings and have had an insight into the mesmerizing methods in which they are constructed.


Passion for art shaped my outlook on architecture, enhancing an appreciation for contrast within historic and modern buildings, and I feel architecture brings character to its surroundings. This character is then deepened with the interior decoration, showing the importance of creating personality and how this can embody a personal experience on the visitor. My love for construction stems from a fascination with the evolution of architecture over the past 150 years, and I always wished to participate in the everlasting footprint the construction industry leaves.


Through my degree at Nottingham Trent University, I’ve developed my creativity and essential architectural knowledge, but it’s through my internship at R&R Design that I’ve been allowed to utilise these skills for the first time. 


During the past 8 months, I have taken my first steps into the world of construction and design. Though daunting, this has been aided with the guidance of my managers and co-workers, for which I am extremely grateful. Attending regular project meetings and site visits, I’ve developed a deep and detailed understanding of all the aspects and stages of a commercial project. I have assisted with material and furniture ordering/selection, concept design, detail design, design management, site works, client representation and liaising with contractors. I’ve also had the opportunity to observe projects from concept to completion, due to the fast pace of construction in Dubai. The experience accumulated during my internship is vital, not only to my degree but to my future, and I am looking forward to advancing these skills throughout these final few months.


I am currently writing this post from the safety of home, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, a scenario that is testing workers worldwide. Uncertainty surrounding the situation is creating unrest within the industry, yet with the advancement of online collaboration applications communication is just as easy. I hope the effects of this pandemic are not too detrimental to our world, and we can continue creating the buildings of tomorrow. It is, in times like this where we must come together, look back on 2020 and think to ourselves... ‘we made it through’.

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