Jess Girls @ R+R

As part of our commitment to the local community we again welcomed three Jess Ranches Students to undertake their work experience at R+R. Over the years we've worked closely with Jess Ranches, Jumeirah College, Sharjah Womens College and Nottingham Trent University to offer student internment periods at R+R.

This year we welcomed Lamiya, Rithu and Avnika and set them a project to design a sixth form common room area. We were  already working on a school in Abu Dhabi so they had the opportunity to see how we'd approached the design and then go on and develop their ideas. The project was to run for a week so was broken into three phases Research, Concept and Presentation the latter being undertaken over a Thursday lunchtime Pizza and presenting to the office. The purpose was to give the girls a quick insight into how a project works from the initial concept through to client presentation.

We wish the girls all the best in their studies and hopefully they contiue to persue a career in design.


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